18 ways to loose weight

18 ways to loose weight

Here are 18 weight loss tips that are based on solid evidence and widespread acceptance by the medical and scientific community. You don't have to do all of them, but the more you do, and the more you practice them, the more success you'll have in losing and keeping it off.

Eat Healthy. Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes; eat less refined grains, sugary foods, saturated and trans fats.
Reduce portions for higher calorie foods.
Mind your eating. Pay attention to the food and to eating. Be in the moment.
Chew slowly, enjoy more.
Control your food environment, do not rely on your willpower.
Identify your emotional eating triggers and substitute other behaviors, like walking.
Choose volume with more low-energy-dense foods that fill you up. You can eat 4x the grapes than raisins for the same calories. And feel more full.
Get some protein with every meal.
Eat regularly with meals and snacks timed for your needs.
Limit variety at meals. Too many choices mean too many calories.
Beware of liquid calories. They don't replace solid food, just add to it.
Cook at home, carefully.
Be very careful when dining out. Make wise choices and get a take home box.
Indulge yourself occasionally and cautiously, but in small amounts.
Keep track of your eating. It helps you stay in control and on target.
Sleep enough, usually at 7 hours for most people.
Weigh yourself regularly, at least once a week.
Be realistic. Lose slowly and steadily, and don't expect to have a perfect body.
This information came from the Special Fall 2015 issue of the
UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

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