Gray Hair Myths And Facts

Gray Hair Myths And Facts

Graying of hair is a natural process. At a particular age, hair starts to grey. The age at which the graying starts depends upon person to person. The climatic conditions in which one lives and hereditary factors also affect the graying process.

These days many people are faced with the problem of premature graying of hair. This is often associated with eating habits. Fast food causes acidity, and it is not good for hair. Excess of acidity in the human body does have effect on graying of hair. As per the research, alkaline living can reverse the process of premature graying of hair. As such it can be concluded that diet does have direct effect on human hair.

Stress is a big cause of premature graying of human hair. Many people involved in very risky businesses like financial markets do not have premature grey hair. However it has been established that generation of hydrogen peroxide by our body increases with increase in stress level. Hydrogen peroxide accumulates in the hair follicles and deactivates the enzymes which repair them and bleaching action starts. Yogic exercises like deep breathing do help reduce stress level and should be given a try.

Another school of thought about graying of hair which we had been hearing from our elders is that by plucking grey hair some liquid is discharged, which in turn affects the hair surrounding the plucked hair. This is not true. When one hair is plucked from a follicle another single hair grey or black will grow from it.

Smoking does have an effect on graying of hair. As per a research, smokers are more prone to get grey hair as compared to non smokers. There is a scientific reason which can be associated with this theory. When a person smokes the oxygen supply to the blood is reduced due to contracting of blood vessels. Blood supply is necessary for all body functions. The reduced supply of blood and oxygen to the scalp can be a cause of graying of hair.

In earlier times hair dyes had bleaching effect on the hair. These days, after extensive research, the hair dying products available in the market do not have bleaching effect and these products only cover grey or light colored hair.

It is a reality that excessive exposure of human body to direct sunlight does affect the hair and skin. When going out in direct sunlight sunscreen lotion should be applied on the face and other exposed parts and the hair should be covered with a cap. Hair should not be washed with boiling hot water as it will dry out oil present in hair follicles and scalp. Warm water should be used for bath. After washing the hair, scalp should be massaged with fingers to increase blood supply. Good quality shampoos should be used and conditioners applied after washing the hair for better health and prevent graying.

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