Best tips for the health of your children

Best tips for the health of your children

We are delighted and surprised by their clever wit and latest achievements, but we also care when they are ill and when, for example, they refuse food.
Children are small people who are much more intense and faster than adults. In addition to the growth and development of cognitive functions, there is also the development of personality, all of which are monitored by parents and, of course, by a pediatrician to keep everything in order.

'I'm not hungry' and children's health
Most important for the healthy growth and development of children is a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity and frequent fresh air. Small pickers sometimes reject food for reasons only known to them, so a healthy and balanced diet is sometimes a dream come true for parents.

The problem of decreased appetite is common in children and a concern for parents. You can get help from pharmacies in the form of A-petit liquid nutritional supplement. A-petit is part of the Croatian Pharmoval dietary supplement line. The Daily Balanced and Optimal Composition product contains a unique combination of dandelion root extract to improve running, Icelandic lichen extract, zinc and vitamin B group.

Immunity and how to protect the youngest
One of the most common problems of parents of young children is common illnesses, even 10 times a year. Children's immunity is different from that of an adult. Like all other systems in the body, the baby's immune system develops, upgrades and grows with the baby. For frequent colds and viruses that are debilitating for the child - look for a quality immunity drug at the pharmacy.

Vitamin C and zinc in addition to Vitamin B groups play a significant role in the normal functioning of the immune system and are some of the most popular ingredients in baby preparations. One of the most famous is the Immunosal liquid supplement. It is a product of excellent taste, which contains high quality beta- (1,3 / 1,6) -D-glucan isolated from yeast, vitamins and zinc, and is suitable for preschool and school children. There are also Immunosal lozenges with the lovely Professor Balthazar and excellent Imunosal effervescent tablets suitable for children as young as 6 years old.

Iron with royal jelly
Lack of exercise and frequent infections can be a signal to the pediatrician to check the blood count and iron status of the body. Specifically, with rapid growth but also frequent infections, the need for iron is higher and supplies are easily depleted. Ferosal Plus is a liquid supplement for iron supplementation from the Pharmoval line containing iron bisglycinate. It is a form of iron that is well absorbed but does not fall hard on the digestive system. In addition to iron, the product contains very valuable royal jelly and vitamin C for better absorption and normal functioning of the immune system.

What about a sore throat?
It's hard to get through the winter without some stuffy nose and sore throat. To help with dry and irritated throats, there is the proven Icelandic Lichen Plus, a liquid preparation containing Icelandic lichen extract, Vitamin C and beta- (1,3 / 1,6) -D-glucan.

Ten Tips for Better Child Health

Even in the most expensive schools with the best infrastructure, your child may be exposed to a variety of viruses and other hazards.

Therefore, the Blue Cross Health Organization has singled out ten tips for improving children's health. These tips are most helpful for parents whose children go to school.

.1  Children should acquire the habit of washing their hands, which is the most effective way to stop the transmission of bacteria.

2. When coughing and sneezing, children should put a hand or paper tissue on their mouth, but never use a napkin.

3. Make sure your children receive all the vaccines they need.

4. If your child is sick, spend as much time as possible at home to recover well.

5.Tell your children not to drink from the same bottle as the other children.

6. Send your kids to play outside and spend most of their time there. This is crucial for both mental and physical health.

7.  Make sure your children are always well asleep and rested. Too much activity can hurt them.

8. Never allow your children to skip breakfast as it is the most important meal during the day.

9. Warn your child not to try someone else's caps, scarves, or use someone else's comb. This way the ear is easily transmitted.

10. Look out for signs of stress in children, as they are much more stress-tolerant than adults. Always talk to your children about their problems.

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