Tips to highlight the beauty of the eye

 Tips to highlight the beauty of the eye

Tips to highlight the beauty of the eye

The use of make-up has become an imperative for most women, whether it is going to the store, to a business meeting or performing any other obligations. Eye makeup is actually one of the most common ways to apply makeup, especially in a hurry when we want to beautify the look a bit. Find out below how to make up your eyes based on their shape and color.


Today, the makeup bag of many girls and women contains a number of makeup products, including primer, liquid powder, loose powder, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eye and eyebrow pencils, blush, highlighter and more. What many can't get out of the house without is mascara.


Lightly made-up eyes will immediately elevate the overall look, especially in a hurry when we don’t have time to apply and blend powder and other products. A few concealers, filled eyebrows as needed and a crumb of blush can transform your face, and we bring you the best guidelines for eye makeup step by step.

How to make up your eyes nicely?


Makeup is an innate skill for many women today, all the more so because we apply makeup almost every day and over time we learn what suits us best. For those "not so skilled", we have collected the most important guidelines when applying makeup on the eyes.


First of all, minimal makeup is ideal for people who are not clean with applying makeup. With a smaller amount, you can rarely go wrong, and that includes light eyeshadow (creamy shades), a thin line of pencil or ink along the edge of the lash line, and a couple of coats of mascara.


Balance and harmonious colors are important for a decent look, so don't overdo it with bright eyeshadows or colored pencils to begin with. Stick to checked brown or black pencils and ink, while any palette of softer shades of eyeshadow will suit you perfectly.


Of course, for applying eyeshadow, we recommend one flat (flat) and one brush with wider bristles for blending (smoothing) too strong parts. Eye makeup step by step with sponge applicators is now obsolete and inaccurate.


In people with drooping eyelids (genetically or with age), it is advisable to avoid eyeshadows because they are rarely visible and can look messy if applied to the upper part of the eyelid or mirrored. In this case, we recommend using a light pencil on the outer corners of the eyes, an eyelash curler and mascara to open the eyes because lowered eyelids can close them.

Eye makeup - brown and dark eyes


Brown eyes are considered the most appreciative when it comes to makeup. They suit almost all shades and colors, but there are a few tricks that can make your eyes stand out even more. Watch the eye makeup youtube video tutorial at the end of the paragraph, while after the eyeshadow apply a pencil or shower and mascara of your choice.


For very dark brown eyes, it is desirable to use eyeshadows in shades of plum, ie. shades of eyeshadow from medium to dark purple. The general rule that you can apply these eyeshadows is to apply a brown eyeshadow with a pink undertone to the crease of the eye. Then apply plum-colored eyeshadow to the middle and inner corner, and apply dark purple eyeshadow to the outer corner and blend (even out) everything with a larger fluffy brush.


You can experiment with dark green or gray eyeshadow in the same way, in a matte or glossy version. For medium to light brown eyes, gold, bronze and warm shades of eye shadow are preferred, and the general rule is to apply lighter shades on the inner and darker shades on the outer corner of the eye.


Eye makeup - green and hazel


Did you know that only 2-3% of the world’s population has green eyes? If you are one of the few and want to further emphasize your rare eye color, the best shades for green eye makeup follow, and you can accompany them with a brown or black pencil / ink and mascara.


The best shades of eyeshadow that will further highlight the green eyes are all shades of gold, purple, wine color or dark red, gray and taupe (gray-brown). Combine them or use in combination with light and dark shades for optimal results.


You can create one of the simple makeup with the help of gold eyeshadow and dark eyeliner and mascara. For the steps in the image below, you need a neutral eyeshadow for the base, light brown and gold eyeshadow, and a black pencil and mascara. Apply the pencil after the base eyeshadow and level it well so that you can continue to apply the eyeshadow without any problems.


Blue eye makeup


Blue and light eyes stand out easily, but there are a few more ways to further draw attention to your blue or gray eyes. Terracotta or bronze eyeshadows are often used to accentuate blue eyes, especially because the contrast of warm colors attracts glances in passing. Don't forget to apply a light cream eyeshadow in the inner corner to open your eyes even more!


It is advisable to avoid blue or green tones, but purple shades will highlight blue eyes perfectly. It is also advisable to use all neutral tones, while for those a little bolder the black smokey eye will do the job superbly and add to the mysterious look. Detailed instructions on how to make a great smokey eye can be read HERE.


If you are in the mood for bright shades, try dark blue mascara on green-blue or gray-blue eyes to highlight the blue color in the irises. Watch the eye makeup youtube video for blue eyes see below, and warm bronze shades are used that will highlight every shade of blue eyes.


Eye makeup shower


The shower with a pencil is the most commonly used part of makeup, and with it we can draw top lines for a dramatic look. We can use the eye shower very sparingly or just to accentuate the eyes with a thin line drawn along the edge of the upper lashes.


However, since the shower is not as easy to apply as an eyeliner, many need a little practice to master it. If you want to apply eyeshadow, you need precision and a steady hand or you could bother quite a bit.


The most important thing is to know the difference between liquid and gel eye showers. Also, you need the most precise tip of a liquid eye shower or a quality beveled gel shower brush. For beginners, a liquid shower is definitely recommended because it is easier to use.


When you decide to apply a shower, it is recommended to first draw a thin line along the edge of the upper lashes, so that you follow the contour of the eye. Avoid drawing straight lines because then the shower will not look natural. When you are satisfied with the thickness, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye, then connect and fill it with other strokes.


You can see an even easier way to apply the shower in the picture below, starting from the outer corner of your eye. Draw a line from the lower lash line to the temples, then connect the line from the top to the upper part of the eye. Like this tutorial, draw a line up to half of the eyelid, and when you fill it in, continue the same process toward the inner corner. Finish off the entire makeup with a few coats of mascara to further open the view.


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